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Zormite Republican Bank of Awesome

The Zormite Republican Bank of Awesome (ZRBA for short) is the greatest bank ever to come into existence, but you're probably thinking something like "wtf is this ****" so I'm going to tell you wtf this **** is.

Q: What does the ZRBA do?

A: The ZRBA rends financial services to players of Graal Kingdoms and in particular members of the Zormite Republic.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Zormite to get an account?

A: No, but only members of Zormite can get loans.

Q: How do I get an account with the ZRBA?

A: You go to the request key page. You'll be given the key to a box at the branch on the kingdom island of your choosing. You use that box to make transactions with the bank.

Q: Where are the ZRBA branches located?

A: The main branch is located on Zormite Island, on the east side of Zormite castle. Each kingdom island also has its own branch. Select the branch you're looking for to get a map showing the location of that branch:

Main (Zormite) Branch
Samurai Island Branch
Pirates' Island Branch
Forest Island Branch
Dustari Island Branch

Q: How do I put items in my shop?

A: You first deposit them into your account, then you can go to the Manage Shop page and add them to your shop.

Q: How do I deposit platinum coins/diamonds/items?

Put what you want to deposit in your box, then go to the Make Deposits page and fill out the appropriate form. Q: How do I get/repay loans?

A: You get a loan by going to the loans page and filling out the form to request one. If your loan is approved, a message will appear on your account page and the amount you requested will be placed in your box. To repay a loan you put the repayment in a box and go to the loans page and fill in the amount you're repaying. You don't have to repay the whole loan at once.

Q: How do I get bank points?

A: You go to the item trade-in page and check out what items the bank will buy and how many points it gives out for them. Then you go and put the items you want to trade-in in your box and fill out the trade-in page form. The points will be credited to your account once the items are removed from your box. Currently this is only available to members of Zormite.

Q: How do I get the items I buy with my points.

A: They get put in your box (I hope you've been reading and not skimming here).

Q: How long does it take for a purchase/loan/withdrawal to be put into my box or an item/repayment/deposit to be removed from it?

A: Usually not more than 24 hours.